Sweet Revenge - Original Japan Release (1994)

Sweet Revenge - Original
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Released in 1994, 'Sweet Revenge' is Ryuichi's 12th studio album. Featuring a cast of guest lyricists and vocalists 'Sweet Revenge' mixes world music & modern pop.

Please note although the CD is in mint condition and un-opened, this is not a new release but backstock.

01. Tokyo Story
02. Moving On
03. 二人の果て (Sentimental)
04. Regret
05. Pounding At My Heart
06. Love and Hate
07. Sweet Revenge
08. 7 Seconds
09. Anna
10. Same Dream, Same Destination
11. Psychedelic Afternoon
12. Interruptions
13. 君と僕と彼女のこと (Water's Edge)